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Quick Fire Questions: Bif Naked

by: OrganicLives - Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The gorgeous and inspiring multi-platinum recording artist and breast cancer survivor, Bif Naked, sat down with OrganicLives to talk food: from a few of her faves to what it means to her. If you've never heard of Bif Naked then you should probably know that she is an Indian born American-Canadian international multi-platinum recording artist, poet, and actress who also happens to love OrganicLives & the planet. Check out what she answered here!

Favourite vegetable?
Bif Naked: Right now, because it changes all the time, it is a zucchini. Zucchini will take on the flavour of anything I mix it with. For example, if I want to make a raw hummus, I cut it into small pieces and throw it in my food processor with some garlic and tahini it will completely take on that flavour. If I make it with marinara sauce, it takes on that flavour. If I just want to make zucchini coins and use them as chips with a dip, they take on the flavour. It's amazing!

Food you can't live without?
Bif: Right now I don't think I could live without bananas. I mean, I guess I will have to one day given the state of the banana trade, and how fragile it is. I'm really grateful every time I have a banana, I really am. It's honestly the perfect food.

Most annoying question you get about the food choices you've made?
Bif: "Is that all you're eating? Salad?" That's my number one. And then I just say yes because that's all I can do.

What food choices did you decide to make when you decided to make a switch in your life?
Bif: It was really born out of being vegan. It was pretty easy to be vegan, we were pretty poor. For me it was a really sociopolitical decision in my early 20s. Being surrounded by the straight edge mentality, how it informed my diet and my lifestyle, it was really important to me.
As for going raw, it became easier and easier, especially as I kept going farther and farther east in Europe. Unless I wanted to eat plain bread, jam & peanut butter (none of which I ate anyway), it was hard to be vegan. Eating raw started to become a survival tactic for me. Have a tomato here, banana there, or a big plate of cucumbers. Eventually it became a lifestyle. It became how I ate. Someone came along, like, 7 years later and pointed out, "Hey man, you're a raw food eater." At this point, I was like, "Ohhhhhh, I didn't know."

When you say sociopolitical impact, what are you referring to specifically?
For us, when we were younger, being "straight edge" was a thoughtful and deliberate lifestyle. It meant we were making a statement to everyone around us. You know, it was the era when there were a lot of skate punks, and skateboarders, and we were all in bands. There were a select few of us who decided we didn't need alcohol and we didn't need to do drugs.
You know its one thing to go "Yah, I don't drink" or "Yahhh, I don't do drugs," but it's an entirely different thing to say, "No, I'm a straight edge." That basically made us feel like we were a part of something bigger. We didn't need it. We felt like we were part of a community that all looked out for each other and supported each other. It was really validating. I think that's why it resonated with so many people, especially back then.

To hear more from Bif Naked, her music, or to continue the conversation follow her on twitter @BifNaked and on! Comment below and let us know who you'd like us to ask our Quick Fire Questions to next!

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