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Event Highlights: January 2012

by: OrganicLives - Monday, December 26, 2011

So what happens if the world doesn't end? You get another chance to take charge of your health. Join us for a free seminar, attend a cooking workshop, or learn about a specific health-related topic personalized to you. Check out the event highlights we have in the New Year below.

OrganicLives Cooking Series 

Date: Sundays, Januray 15th - March 5th, 2012, 10am-1pm
Price: $500 / series, $95 / session
Join Preet Marwaha, OrganicLives CEO & Founder, every Sunday beginning January 15th, 2012 for this seven-part cooking series on how to jumpstart your health. Learn the tips and tricks of the health food industry to cook the most nutritious, organic, and sustainable food for yourself and your family. Get the whole series for $500 or try each class for $95. Register today, spots are limited!

OrganicLives Free Seminars 

Date: Thursdays, January 12th- 26th, 2012, 7pm
Price: Free
Join Preet Marwaha, OrganicLives CEO & Founder, for one of three free workshops this January to learn more about improving your health and lifestyle to make the changes you want to see.
An Introduction to Healthy Living - January 12th - Register Today
The Skinny on Carbs & Fats - January 19th - SOLD OUT
Reversing Disease & Illness - January 26th - Register Today

Feed Life Starve Cancer

Date: Tuesdays, January 17th - February 7th, 2012, 6pm
Price: $380
This course is a four week lecture series filled with humour, innovative ideas, and simple steps. It will include a culinary component. Each week you’ll take home tasty recipes and new thoughts to ponder. The 3 hour class will fly by with lots of interactive demos, delicious foods and Q&A. Each class will feature a 45 minute lecture and hands on culinary component.

Reorganizational Healing

Date: February 1st, 2012, 6pm
Price: $10
Reorganizational Healing encompasses where are you now, where you want to be, how you can get there, and how you keep growing from there. This presentation by Dr. Detzler will introduce you to the fundamental science and art of sustainable positive change. We will discuss new concepts in healing and wellness with your brain and spine in mind. What does it mean to have a self-healing/self regulating spine? During this 1 hour talk, you will learn: how crucial your nervous system is to your daily functioning; how your posture reflects your emotions; and how to respond to stressful situations constructively.

• Register Today

Your Best Year Yet!

Date: January 11th - 25th, 2012 6:30-8:30pm
Price: $60 / series, $25 / session
Utilize the powerful Heal Your Life® philosophy and techniques of Louise L. Hay to effectively embrace the life you REALLY want in 2012…Affirm and align with YOUR vision! Discover and apply effective techniques to transform your life on a daily basis. Improve YOUR health, expand YOUR wealth and increase YOUR capacity for love…Create inspired changes to awaken YOUR passion, purpose and peace!

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